Don’t like the dingy brown color of home-made PCBs? Dane Kouttron sent in this how-to on dyeing PCBs using regular old Rit dye found in most grocery stores.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Collin Cunningham

    This is awesome – finally a purple PCB!
    (manufacturers don’t do purple/violet)

  • aaronalai

    That’s an interesting way of doing it, I posted instructions on my site a couple of weeks ago explaining how dye batches of pcbs in black for my business cards. http://www.aaronalai.com/pcb-board-dyeing

  • sonodrome

    Hi Dane, I’m glad my video documentation came to some use for you! I have a new technique for staining my PCBs now and following quite a few requests for more info, I’ve made a short video to share it. Enjoy, and happy making :)