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firefly3 Workshop organization tips

Part of what we’re covering in our Make: Time & Space is how you manage your workshop. Do you separate your woodworking and soldering areas? Pegboard or no pegboard? What do you do with those funny-shaped tools that don’t fit anywhere?

Here are some of the suggestions given and received via our @make_tips Twitter account:

Cover X-acto tips with triangle pencil grips… won’t poke, won’t roll, and adds retro looks! via @3leftturns

Try storing/transporting small parts like screws using packing tape!

Sort obj like Lego by size not color. Easier to pick a red 2×4 brick out of a bin of 2x4s than a bin of red bricks. (v @mightywombat)

Put an old magnetic knife holder underneath an old ice cube tray to keep your screws and washers organized. (v @flincshop)

Use synthetic corks as sharp tool blade covers (chisels, gouges, etc.):

Sort and store your through-hole resistors by the color of the third band.

Component drawers aren’t just for electronics; try them for nuts/bolts, drill bits, rivets, thumb tacks, etc. Label the drawers!

cut up and recycle cardboard tubes and organize your boxes of misc cables by doing this: (via @chamblin)

Electronics: A small desktop cup/container can be handy for gathering small clippings from leads, wire, and solder sucker refuse.

Clean and re-oil your tools after a messy project to extend their life.

Maker Pro tip: Check out @ULINE for boxes and other shipping materials:

When rolling up power cords, start at the power source; unplug first and don’t get shocked if the cord is frayed. (v @chrisspurgeon)

What are your favorite tricks for organizing and storing your tools and supplies? Share them in comments or tweet them to @make_tips. [Workshop image: Craig Smith]

John Baichtal

My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. @johnbaichtal

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