This is an impressive use of Arduino, two servos, a webcam and Processing to tilt a ball platform. I was pretty sure I saw a copy of Make: magazine under the platform…

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Arduino Duemilanove

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John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park likes to make things and tell people about it. He works in CG animation at DisneyToon Studios and writes for Make, Boing Boing, and other places online and in print. You can find him at and twitter @johnedgarpark — if you like that sort of thing.

  • vbnicolau

    It is like this one with a touchscreen as sensor:

  • cyenobite2

    I wonder if you could program repeating patterns into processing to get the ball to travel in different patterns (sine waves, diags, ovals, 8’s etc…)

  • 0zimbra0

    I’ve justed posted some more details about this, including the code, to:
    @cyenobite2 – yeah, you can program any pattern you want into it, and it wouldn’t take much to have it automatically respond to any real-world data

    • John Park

      Thanks so much for posting the added details on your blog, this is a wonderful project!