MAKE subscriber Todd writes in to share his Multifunctional DIY welding cart, made from a cheapo utility cart and a bunch of scrap material. It is designed to be used for MIG and oxygen-acetylene welding, as well as for plasma cutting.

I converted a Harbor Freight utility cart into a multifunctional welding cart. The conversions to the cart make it easier to move about in tight places yet strong enough to support 100lbs of brick and a plate steel top. I added a second smaller chopped up Harbor Freight utility cart as a firebox to catch all the sparks when cutting with the oxygen-acetylene and plasma torches.

  • whiskeywaters

    Is the kid manning the camera – way to go on getting the young’uns involved!

    I’m wondering if he/she showed the old man how to post the video on youtube…

  • Todd Harrison

    He is my 6yr old son and he can run a video camera just fine, but no YouTube yet. Soon I bet!

  • hokiexterra

    Love the Van de Graff generator in the background.

  • Razzoo

    I’m brand new at welding, both mig & act and this cart is exactly what I needed. Thanks for taking the time to share your work with everyone.

  • StevenM

    Great ideas, thank you for posting,

  • StevenM

    Great ideas, thank you for posting,