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  1. Peter says:

    Big difference: these folks are making ink for offset and letter press, not inkjets.

    Inkjet ink, as we all know, is made from distilled rainbows. That’s why it’s so g*d-awfully expensive. (though this stuff isn’t much cheaper!)

    1. Becky Stern says:

      Ah, sorry ’bout that, Oct 4 was the day I had knee surgery, so I failed to check the blog that day =]

  2. Wow! Love this explanation. Thank you.

    Ink Troubleshooting

  3. Nicely done. We developed an ink mixing software program that can recycle excess ink colors into new batches. Good for the environment and it’s Pantone approved. You can download a free trial at mixmasters,com Once a color is manufactured we now have a way to recycle the unused portion into another color.

  4. Teefe says:

    Explain to me the composition of offset printing ink and what each component does.

  5. Joel Oyebola says:

    A big cudos to u guys , this video is iformative. please kindly forward to my mail the names of the chemicals/materials required in making this offset inks.