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  1. RocketGuy says:

    I looked up the glow powder, it’s here:

    As I happen to be doing a concrete project, I just might use it as a night light of sorts (bathroom floor).

    The block at the end seems to be a light pipe application, really cool idea!

  2. Trade Show Junkie says:

    I used to have my own materials library some ten plus years ago. Had 4 four drawer filing cabinets of vendor brochures and a garage full of samples. Had to get rid of it all when I moved north though.

    I had some that glowy powder stuff too. I mixed some in a type of foam used for making prosthetics, poured it into a small bowl-like plate. Boy did the kids have fun tossing that around the yard at night.

    Alas, a Trade Show Junkie no more…

  3. noise_is_life says:

    It would be awesome if they had a regular podcast presenting new materials for people that don’t have the advantage of being nearby.

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