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stand in this video by the Mechanical Mashup crew. Heck, there’s even room to coil up a loose power cable inside the cup.

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Dan Howarth says:

    I appreciate the ingenuity, I really do. But my preferred method of using my smartphone in the car is this.

    I don’t.

    When I’m in control of my 3000lbs of metal and fuel, I prefer as few distractions as possible. If I miss a call, oh well. No call, message, text or email is worth taking my eyes off the road for.

    It goes onto silent, and stays that way until I stop at home, work or in a car park.

    Sorry to be preachy, but you ask anyone who died from not watching the road if it was worth it. Oh wait, you can’t.

    1. Sam says:

      3 letters, G P S

      1. Dan Howarth says:

        Sam, good point. I stand corrected. Perhaps consideration before ranting is required. :)

    2. Ben Eadie says:

      The main reason I made this was the GPS and the audio books I listen to when driving and I do agree with you on not using the phone when driving. There is nothing preachy about what you state and I should have put something in the video about that. Thanks for pointing this out