Cup Holder Smartphone Stand

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Cup Holder Smartphone Stand

The multitude of cheap plastic cup holder smartphone mounts is staggering, yet the majority of them are either overly engineered, cheap flimsy plastic or proprietary. I’m surprised that we don’t see more commercial designs similar to the stand in this video by the Mechanical Mashup crew. Heck, there’s even room to coil up a loose power cable inside the cup.

8 thoughts on “Cup Holder Smartphone Stand

  1. Dan Howarth says:

    I appreciate the ingenuity, I really do. But my preferred method of using my smartphone in the car is this.

    I don’t.

    When I’m in control of my 3000lbs of metal and fuel, I prefer as few distractions as possible. If I miss a call, oh well. No call, message, text or email is worth taking my eyes off the road for.

    It goes onto silent, and stays that way until I stop at home, work or in a car park.

    Sorry to be preachy, but you ask anyone who died from not watching the road if it was worth it. Oh wait, you can’t.

    1. Sam says:

      3 letters, G P S

      1. Dan Howarth says:

        Sam, good point. I stand corrected. Perhaps consideration before ranting is required. :)

    2. Ben Eadie says:

      The main reason I made this was the GPS and the audio books I listen to when driving and I do agree with you on not using the phone when driving. There is nothing preachy about what you state and I should have put something in the video about that. Thanks for pointing this out

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