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This month, we’re thrilled to announce our Mechanics Skill Set. Over the course of March, we’ll explore the wonderful world of simple machines, mechanical forces, motors and motion. We’ll have guest authors, including our friend and MAKE contributor Dustyn Roberts, author of Making Things Move, features on the basic tools, materials, and techniques of mechanical engineering that every maker should know, giveaways, relevant Make: Projects, best-of roundups of existing content from the site and the magazine, and lots more. And this month, we’d also like to welcome Craftsman as our Mechanics Skill Set sponsor.

BTW: We hope you enjoyed the February Woodworking Skill Set. We had so much fun with it, we’re extending it by a couple of weeks. We figured February was a short month, so why not?

And, as always, we’d love to hear what you’d like to get out of a month of mechanics education. Please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn is a freelancer writer and the former Editorial Director of Maker Media. He is the author or editor of a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture, including the first book about the web (Mosaic Quick Tour) and the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots. He is currently working on a best-of collection of his writing, called Borg Like Me.



  1. Will says:

    I loved the woodworking skill set, thanks for posting it, some really interesting info in that, I look forward to this series!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to get tips on how I can easily animate my halloween decorations and scare the neighborhood kids!

  3. Isaac Boyles says:

    I’m mystified by anything beyond the simplest arrangements of gears. I’d really be interested in knowing more about where I should look to find out more of the fundamentals, basic mechanisms, and the like.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice to know about vibration as mecanical mover for some things like a byke for example.