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The iPhone Guru posted this how-to on making your own infrared transmitter so that you can use your iOS device (such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) as a remote control for your DSLR. This hack is a quick one and you may even have the required components already. On the software side, you’ll need to load up DSLR.Bot from the App Store to send the right codes to your camera. [via Lifehacker]


Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a Brooklyn-based creative technologist, Contributing Editor at MAKE, and Resident Research Fellow at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm. good presentation, but any way to do it with manual wiring for those cameras that do not have any IR input? :) << Possible future hack

    1. There’s the Wifi option, but that requires you to tether your camera to a laptop (and use the app DSLR remote). This person is working on an Arduino camera host for USB, perhaps that could be used to interface as well:

  2. Anonymous says:

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