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From the MAKE Flickr pool:

Flickr user usopyon and friends created this internet-enabled cotton candy machine. It consists of an Arduino-powered colored sugar mixer, which dispenses measured amounts of pink, green, and blue sugar to create a uniquely colored puff of cotton candy for each user. Yum!

4 Responses to Personalized Cotton Candy Maker

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  1. I like to see that I’m not alone in using my sparkfun boxes as makeshift enclosures. ^_^

  2. And the next generation will finish off with printing a picture on the surface – wrap the cotton ball with your face, or an angry bird, or a lump of meat.

    And the next next generation will print full depth CAT/PET/Discrete Orbital Gravometric scans in depth. You’ll still start off the cotton candy ball with a picture of your face, but will quickly nibble your way into less stomach-able grey matter.

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