Get a behind-the-scenes peek into the studio lives of Bay Area artists and designers! In the Make is a collaboration between photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan who — you guessed it! — pair photo essays with interviews to bring you a down-to-earth look at some serious talent.
I’m especially excited to share their visit with MAKE and CRAFT’s very own Alison Kendall who, when not freelancing as an illustrator and designer, spends most of the week in her gorgeously curated studio. I love how Ali’s marine ecology roots are evidenced in everything from her library to collage work. More studio photos after the jump!


  • In The Make

    Thanks so much for posting about In The Make! Alison was such a pleasure to visit with. Hopefully you’ve been checking out our recent studio visits— they’ve all been so wonderful.
    Thanks again!
    Nikki & Klea