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My closing moment of World Maker Faire 2011 took place inside of Braindrop, a reflective sculpture by Kate Raudenbush. I took this photo looking up at its chandelier. A perfect moment to remember a great event, and BrainDrop is the perfect word to recall it.

Thanks to all the makers who created this Maker Faire with us. Thanks to the awesome Maker Faire crew who work behind the scenes to create a smooth, supportive and safe event. Thanks to all who came to enjoy Maker Faire this weekend. It was so great to see Maker Faire draw from all New York. I had to keep myself from asking people how they heard about Maker Faire. Everyone seemed so happy and so many makers were talking about all the interactions that they had with kids.

I hope everyone is inspired to keep learning to do and make new things until we do Maker Faire again next year.

Dale Dougherty

I’m founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire. I am CEO of Maker Media, the company that produces MAKE, Maker Faire and Maker Shed. I am Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (

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