Grant Hutchinson of Calgary, AB, is renovating the exterior of his house and wanted to keep the lawn clear of nails and screws, so he created this mobile magnet out of lawnmower wheels and hard drive magnets. So sweet! I bet it’d help around the workshop, too.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Anonymous

    I’m going to build one like this for meteorite hunting! 

  • jasonT

    he should put a bag over the magnets before he sweeps the area, that way it’ll be easier to remove the nails & keep other metal grime from sticking to them.

    • adric

      made a similar one, but it had a thin bit of plastic (old notebook cover),  i custom bent it to slip around the 2×4 and made a duct tape hinge, so when you wanted to dump your pickups you could just unsnap one edge and pull the plastic sheet from the magnets, dumping your payload!