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We’re giving away amazing kits from our new Make: Ultimate Kit Guide EVERY DAY — thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including MakerBots!

To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away at least one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season.

Today’s giveaway item is for not one but two Drawdio Fun Packs (a $49.98 value.) We’re giving them away as a pair so you can enjoy them with a friend or with your kids. Here’s a snippet of the review from the issue:

Drawdio is an electronic pencil that lets you make music while you draw. It’s a great project for beginners: an easy kit with instant gratification. Invented by Jay Silver, it’s a very simple musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create sounds. The result is a fun toy that lets you draw “musical instruments” on any piece of paper.

To be eligible for today’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below in this post. The entry period for today’s prize will be until 11:59pm PST tonight. We’ll choose one person at random, you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The Winners List is kept on the Giveaway landing page. That’s it! No purchase necessary or anything else to do. Please leave only one comment per post. You can enter as many giveaways as you like until you win. This giveaway is for US residents only. You also must be 18 years old to enter (Kids: Ask your parents to enter). See the Kit-A-Day Giveaway landing page for full sweepstakes details and Official Rules.

Day 3 and 4 Giveaways: The Day 3 winner has been notified. They have 24 hours left to respond.  The winner of Day 4 has been notified. They have 48 hours left to respond.

Michael Castor

Michael Castor

I am the Evangelist for the Maker Shed. It seems that there is no limit to my making interests. I’m a tinkerer at heart and have a passion for solving problems and figuring out how things work. When not working for Make I can be found falling off my unicycle, running in adverse weather conditions, skiing down the nearest hill, restoring vintage motorcycles, or working on my car.

  • Joshua Winslow

    My kids would love this!

  • Anonymous

    Drawdio looks really awesome!

  • Nelson Gibson

    Here’s hoping for a win.

  • Anonymous

    Drawdio is fun.

  • Jason King

    This looks like a lot of fun, I hope I win!

  • Chad Lovelace

    here is my comment — looks like someone at make is not updating the landing page to see who won from the last day!! only the nov 25th winner is showing

  • Wesley Nixon


  • Wehaf Urchiken

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    This would be a fun project to do with my boys.

  • Anonymous

    “Sounds” like fun

  • Matt

    I actually almost bought this the other day.  But then I realized it would make a horrible Christmas present for my nephew who is too young to understand it.  And an even worse present for his parents.  Still, it would be fun.

  • doctroid

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  • Kyle Hamilton

    I’ve been thinking of picking these up for a while now.  The kids would love them! Yet another great give away! Thanks

  • James Seymour

    One of the most obnoxious uses for a 555 timer… I SO want one!

  • Sean O’Connell

    That would be great to show my little nieces and nephews.

  • Frank Ashcraft

    Woaaaah! I can hear shapes maaaaannn! 

  • Kris Koskelin

    I’ve got a budding scientist that would love one of these.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. My girls would love this.

  • Thomas M Sutter

    Q: How do you get an ADHD sister to write more?
    A: see Drawduino fun pack

  • Douglas Bentley

    Inking my like for this now and that aint whistling dixie…. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Would definitely share with my little cousins!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Great learning tool.

  • Patrick Grimaldi

    would be a nice gift for the holidays, hope I win!

  • Chris Krueger

    Sounds good to me

  • Lan Pham Jr.

    RAWR! I wants~!

  • Kristina

    This looks like fun.

  • JD Wallace


  • Christopher Berg


  • Edwin Edgerly

    Cool, Thinking of potential projects that could use this :-)

  • Jason Purdue

    I wanna cool kit!

  • Keith Schincke

    I am buzzing to make a comment here.

  • Laith Preston

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Stephen Edwards

    Yes Please

  • Shay Thompson

    I’ve always wanted to draw more.. with this I might just do so.. 

  • TK

    Wow! I love the concept. :)

  • Josh Stacy

    I really need to make something. I’m suffering withdrawal.

  • Andrew Redding

    Music to my ears, I mean paper?

  • Seth Mason

    Looks pretty sweet! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Warrick Wilson

    “Sounds” like fun…

  • Anonymous


  • Phill Aintgonnatellyou

    It would be the only way I could make music since I’m so tone deaf!

  • Sasha Woodward

    Coolness! I want it, please!

  • John Hattan

    Want muchly!

  • Ryan Hendrickson

    please my good sirs or madams.

  • Thos Cochrane

    Oooh ooh… Me

  • Rob Colby

    I wonder if it will play the notes you write down?

  • Dan

    Looks awesome!

  • Marc Schaefermeyer

    Make: me happy today please?

  • Barbara Acampora

    For the geek of my life this would be so cool…the fact we have been married almost 10 years..even better!

  • Andy Slupe

    Yes please, the one that sings and draws

  • John Janhonen

    your comment here.

  • Tony Beletti

    I love seeing these fun-sounding projects.  I have to make some time to get into them and create something unique.

  • Anonymous

    My kids would love this!

  • Gary Oshust

    My kid would love this!

  • Anonymous

    I want this for my granddaughter who is already showing talent in art and music

  • Whitney Powell

    One for me and my little cousin!

  • Nancy Schwickrath

    Pick me!

  • Jon Choate

    I’ll be honest. I just like winning cool things.

  • Jesse Moore

    Hmmm, password protect a door with a sound-activated lock, which you can only play by drawing a certain shape? lol

  • Kenneth Olsen

    Fun for the younger kids!

  • Casey Boyd

    yes please

  • Michael Loney

    I live in Canada! *pout*

  • Audie

    This would be a fun gift for my little brother this christmas :)

  • Jessica Duffy

    This could be fun for a project at the library I work at.

  • Anonymous

    Drawdio seems like a neat little toy. I kind of always overlooked it… for some reason I thought you -had- to etch over your graphite pencil lines (and so I thought you had to keep scratching paper with it). I just googled an excellent video for it, and it’s really a theramin, working on a lot of different surfaces/contacts. Think I’ll be building one of these even if I don’t win…

  • Anonymous


  • Stuart Williams

    My kids would like this.  

  • Mason Stone

    A perfect project for my son and me!

  • Pat Booth

    Girls and I would love this kit.

  • Erik Mendoza

    I love that Make is doing this!

  • Daniel Chiles

    That will be the perfect gift

  • Sherm Elliott

    My kids would like this.

  • Dan

    Stocking stuffer!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a cool prize.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh! Ooh! I need these!

  • Don Sticksel


  • Anonymous

    My wife so needs these as stocking stuffers!

  • keith corcoran

    For some reason you guys keep forgetting to email me to tell me I’ve won so let’s try this again.

  • Cathy McCaughan

    Something for girl teen!

  • Christopher Jackson

    pick me

  • Jon

    Make music and write a book at the same time

  • Holly Chelf Lindquist

    My 6 yr old is a Maker in the making.  He’d love this.

  • Jonathan Lang

    This sounds fun. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Anonymous

    I have a daughter with a serious artistic bent, and one with musical leanings… *Two* Drawdio’s are perfect!!

  • Robert Menes

    Multimedia art at its finest!

  • Ben Wangsgard


  • alaxsxaq

    Drawdios are a blast!

  • Matt


  • Ashley

    looks like fun! i’d like to be entered.

  • Charles Haase

    That would be fun.

  • Larry Yudelson


  • Anonymous

    the kids would love this

  • Keith Hekman

    Looks like fun

  • Kyle Barrett

    My girlfriend and I are both makers!  Pick us!

  • Rachel Van Houten Donegan

    OOO… I’ve admired these for a while. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Yakov Grinberg

    I certainly would love to win some Maker stuff!

  • Carlo Frio

    Well slap my ham!  This makes drawing fun again.  I really *hate* drawing.. but maybe this will change my mind!

  • Ben Snider

    hot sauce

  • Anonymous

    I’ll enter into this draw-ing !!!

  • Brad Trotter

    I’ve always wanted to try this kit.

  • Phil Batey

    I was just looking at this with my daughter. I was trying to get her interested in soldering some LEDs, but she though the heart was underwhelming :(

  • Matt MOore

    Bill Cosby? Is that you?

  • Johnnie Blevins

    Making is fun.

  • John Mangan

    Pick me!

  • Jay Fite

    Me likey!

  • Anonymous

    Please draw my name!

  • Mark Langford

    That’s a classic project – I’d love a go.

  • Mac

    Sounds like something fun to do with my kid.  Hope I have some luck!

  • Andrew Jones

    This one looks like fun for the whole family…

  • Anonymous

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Jeremy Stern


  • joulesm

    want it all :)

  • HeatherD


  • Dave Caira

    Luck, don’t fail me now!

  • Anonymous

    Neat!  I would love to make one of these with my daughter.

  • Steven List

    nothing say i’m awesome like annoying your workmates.

  • Anonymous

    fun kits for kids

  • Jeffrey Chadwell

    My daughter would love this one.

  • Rorik Melberg

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Matthew Fasano

    Going to make a great Christmas project with the kids!

  • Matthew Cole

    This sounds like fun.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter would also love this!

  • Brittany Wilson

    Looks like fun!

  • Anonymous

    Enter Me

  • Tom Heiman

    Neat thing to make with the kids during Christmas vacation!!

  • Edi


  • Matt Stevens

    This should drive the grandparents crazy!

  • Julie Klotz Anderson

    My daughter would love this kit!

  • Julie Klotz Anderson

    My daughter would love this kit!

  • Marcus Porter

    I made one of these from the adafruit kit a while ago, lots of fun.  I’d like to try the paint brush version.

  • Yanaba Alfonso Stegman

    Sweet synesthesia for those who have never experienced it!

  • Jarrod Oldham

    Sweet!  Love me some Make, would love to share with my kids! 

  • Kevin Reilly


  • Mark Foundos


  • Anonymous

    Cool little kit

  • Daniel Konhauser

    I would like to win a kit!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to build a pair of these with my kids!

  • Anonymous

    This would be a blast to build with the kids.

  • Jarrod Sears

    Great Kit!

  • Alex Hoekstra

    Awesome.  Fingers crossed!

  • Irwin Bautista


  • Ryan Alspaugh

    I’ve always wanted to do a project like this.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Things to make parents crazy. Gotta have it.

  • Anonymous


  • David Neudorfer

    Morality is temporary, wisdom is permanent.

  • Anonymous

    These are fun to play with

  • Brett Sovereign

    Yes please!

  • Anonymous

    Me, me, me! My youngest would love this!

  • Dan O’Brien

    My daughter loves to draw, I think she’d love to make sounds as she’s drawing! 

  • Tiffanie McCoy

    We’d love to play with this kit!

  • Brian Givens

    We love to draw!

  • Camille Ong


  • Daniel Villarreal

    OMG! Want! Please pick me… or the terrorists win.

  • kosmonaut

    Awesome stuff!

  • Marni Greene

    My artist friends would all be living at my house with this!

  • Tom Campbell

    What a great way to get the word out about your magazine. (sharing with friends now)

  • Anonymous

    yes please!

  • Don Underwood

    This would be a most awesome gift!!!

  • Paul

    Great kit (nice that it’s a share-er)!

  • Chris Black

    OMG this would be great and kismet for my son.  He was just asking all types of questions about robots today for the first time.  I was like “YES!!!” but getting setup can be expensive. these would be a great gateway kits.

  • Lea Hinchcliff

    this is so awesome

  • duncancreamer

    Sounds fun!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much awsesome

  • Andrew Soderna

    you had me at makerbot

  • Kelly Doren

    I love that Make products are in Radio Shacks and that RS has started stocking more DIY components. Thanks Make, for making Making cool.

  • Bonz

    Yay!  Free stuff!

  • Joe

    Count me in again

  • Sean Furey

    Beep Boop

  • Grimlocke

    Woop woop!

  • pableaux

    This is my entry.

  • Austin Lane

    I want to make some noise.

  • Laurance A. Garetto

    Musical drawing

  • Sam Archer

    Giveaways?  Count me in!  Plus, I could really use some more soldering practice.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. That’s really cool.

  • Adam Siddall

    The sound of drawing, doesn’t it smell sweet?

  • Jack Welch

    Swag me!

  • Bobby Nathan

    If I win, im going to learn to become ambidexterous so I can use both in tandem at the office.  Coworkers will have to respect my audio craftiness then for sure!

  • Matt


  • Andrew Thomas

    Drawing = Fun

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like fun. My boys would like that.

  • Anonymous

    make ALL the things!

  • Philip Kim

    Just saw this on BoingBoing! Synthesizer + pencil = awesome!

  • Scott Lewin

    Please enter me into this draw.

  • Christopher Favreau

    Awesome Possum!   I bet these would be loads of fun.  Hmm… maybe I will get to find out.

  • Jacob Sewell

    Beep boop, I am entering a contest. Boop beep, I am not a robot. Beep.

  • ocschwar


  • Bill Peck

    Kids would totally love this

  • Barry Briggs

    Looks good, my son would like one.

  • Kurt Or LaZann Eilander

    Pick me!  Pick me!

  • Carl Orthlieb

    Please draw me into this enter.

  • Alan Richards

    Please give one away to me!!

  • Anonymous

    Ooo… Pick Me!

  • Corey Slate

    I hope I win.

  • Anonymous


  • Tish Anonimouse

    wanna make this with my musically inclined teenage daughter.  power to the girls!

  • K. Brian Kelley

    This is definitely a prize my boys would love.

  • Kevin Sexton

    enter me, cool kit

  • Raine

    We would have so much fun with that!

  • Erik Rodriguez

    Good luck everyone!

  • Mark Neumayer


  • Gordon

    Sounds cool.  I’d like one!

  • Eric Roberts

    I would like one

  • Burt Adams

    Make magazine’s pretty danged cool!

  • Aleksei Sebastiani

    Here’s a comment Below.

    Adafruit rocks.  Phil Torrone rules.

  • Hannes Aus

    i want to win!

  • Philip Lexow

    Another day, Another fun giveaway!  (another chance to win?)

  • Justine Barden

    –S-sir, I’m afraid you’ve gone mad with power…
    –Of course I have. You ever tried going mad without power? It’s boring. No one listens to you!

  • Peter Richards

    Three kids and two Drawdios? Well I can always buy another :-D

  • Michelle Sullivan Goldsmith

    oooh! aaaahh! (pick me pick me!)

  • James Wang

    hope is me :)

  • Thomas Kilgour

    ooh this looks fun!

  • H Cain

    I have been reading Make for a long time…reminds me of engineering school

  • Melissa Butler

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    Gee golly I’d like one of these.

  • Christopher West

    Can it convert a picture of Rick Astley into “Never gonna give you up”?

  • Julie Woods

    This kit looks awesome! I’m gonna… um, my KID is gonna have a great time with it. Yeah, the kiddo…

  • Sheila OKeefe

    Pick me please.

  • matt pinner


  • Matt Cowie

    This is one of the coolest kits out there.  I think my kids will really get a kick out of playing with these.

  • Allison

    I love the drawdio! what a great kit!

  • Anonymous

    oooh i’d love to win this!

  • Randal Bradakis

    My daughters were showing me these last night, hoping for one!

  • Eddie Samuels


  • Anonymous

    My daughter and I enjoyed Superawesome Sylvia’s video of this build.

  • LaurelNev

    These look cool!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter would love one of these!

  • Stephen Johnson

    your comment

  • LaceyAnt

    My 4 year old would love this. She’s really into synthesizers. Oops, just read the rules – I can’t win since I am not in the US. Too bad.

  • Greg Chaney

    A gift for the artist who is a musician

  • Erin Moody

    This sounds really cool.

  • Tané Tachyon

    Cool! I saw Jay Silver talk about these at TedXSantaCruz last summer!

  • Stafford Morse

    Great idea for the holidays

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • Cali Nguyen

    musical doodling? yes please!

  • tracytracy

    Awesome. Slim chance to win, but worth a shot!

  • Anonymous

    Love kits.

  • Nick Yeung

    That is a cool kit.

  • K2 nSF

    You mean like this?

  • Buddy Smith


  • Jon Filteau

    My son would live this. loved it on the Mini maker show.

  • Todd B

    gimme gimme

  • Daniel Szwalkiewicz

    fingers crossed!

  • Nate T

    would like to win one of these! thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    looks fun!

  • John Polefko

    very cool, good luck to me

  • Brent Eric Thomas

    Picture Pages, Picture Pages

  • Slightly Askew


  • Anonymous

    That is just what my grandson needs.

  • Anonymous

    Would love a noise maker for Christmas.

  • Shawn Myers

    I am in!

  • Cassidy Savidi

    I want to make something!

  • Tyler Stiffler

    Good luck everyone

  • Nicholas Carter

    That would be a perfect stocking stuffer for the boys!

  • ChadR

    I have had this on the docket for a while.

  • Maggie McGuire

    So neat!

  • G

    Great idea — keep on MAKEing

  • Andrew Dragunas


  • Seth


  • Jeanne Christiansen

    My nephew would love these!

  • Space Zombie

    That’s pretty cool looking!

  • Glenn Rice


  • DakotaE

    Me and my effervescent-sound-making-and-loving mom could have big fun with these………… Today, Drawdio; tomorrow, the world!

  • justin smith

    C’Mon Drawdio! Bring it fate!

  • Anonymous


  • Lam Nguyen

    My niece would love this.

  • Sherry Suter

    I would love this <3

  • Benjamin Huelsbergen

    Maybe 3rd time’s the charm? :)

  • Anonymous

    Drawing and making noise — my daughters’ two loves, together.

  • Rozetta Hahn

    This sounds like my dream pencil come true! 

  • David Compton

    Looks like fun.  The family that draws (and solders) together!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a fun project.

  • Steven Dedloff

    Entry post oooohhh!

  • vadim1

    With a couple of musical daughters, this could be a big win.

  • ChadR

    I’ve been thinking of building one of these for my kids.

  • George Smithwick

    I’m in.

  • Sue Parmet

    We are big fans of Make, and making! Drawdio looks like a ton of fun!

  • Kate Baker

    I keep thinking these kits couldn’t get cooler, and they do!

  • Brooke Bizub

    Music while you draw, can’t get any better than that!

  • Christopher Reyes

    What a fun project!

  • Hunter Scott

    Looks awesome!

  • Bcook65

    La la dee da, I sure love to draw..:D

  • Jacob Shepherd

    I love giveaways.

  • Jacob Shepherd

    I love giveaways.

  • louiem_engineer

    I love Make!

  • myles walsh

    count me in!

  • Stephen M Hellman


  • Kristin Reed

    This would be so fun! My bf and I have been planning on making music together, and this could get interesting!

  • Matt Skalos

    My son would love this!

  • Michael Spurlock

    What an awesome idea.

  • Patrick Bynum

    I’m Gonna Win

  • Kevin Luck

    Got my fingers crossed

  • Kevin Luck

    Got my fingers crossed..

  • Matthew Wetmore

    Drawing music with my daughter – sounds great!

  • Liz Randall Delaney

    What every tinkerer/artist needs.  :)

  • Fightcube

    Good stocking stuffer, FOR ME!!!! hahahaha!!!  ;-)

  • Endre Czirbesz


  • John Barnhardt

    Thanks Make for all the fantastic projects!

  • Adrian Talamantes

    This would be a great kit for my son and me!

  • Avi Aisenberg

    I would love this!

  • Steven Trollinger

    Freaking sweet!

  • Anonymous

    I can imagine my daughter having great fun with this, making music while doing architectural drawings.

  • Kathy Tappan

    here goes nothing

  • Owen Collins

    Here’s hoping. 

  • Michela Maxwell

    fingers crossed

  • Michele Saxton Vozza

    How fun!

  • Mark Hanford

    I should win this…

  • Anders Arson


  • Josiah Ritchie

    I’ve wondered what my kids would do with these…

  • Anonymous

    The kid would dig it!

  • Nate


  • Christin Boyd

    I really need an excuse to draw more and the DrawDuino seems like as good an excuse as any to be creative!

  • Edward Shin

    I’d like one!

  • Joshua Brown

    Thanks, MAKE. Awesome blog and zine

  • Maria Pranzo

    Awesome kit, awesome give away…

  • Michele Shoats

    I want the fun, too!!

  • Mark Kalan

    Awesome. Count me in!

  • James Hollowell

    I can win, I know I can… I think…

  • Kevin G. Osborn

    I’d love this to work with the Middle School kids I mentor!

  • pepik

    This looks like fun

  • roco wilson

    sign me up

  • Sara Beckwith

    What a fun project!

  • Michelle Johnson Walach

    MY 6yo would love this, he’s really into putting things together.

  • Patrik D’haeseleer

    I’m in!

  • Dave Jenkins

    Great kit!

  • Anonymous

    A new day another great kit Drawdio

  • Anonymous

    I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.

  • Nathaniel Bass

    Cool giveaway

  • Raymond Li

    Have been wanting to try out this kit for a while

  • Kiyoshi Kubota

    looks fun.

  • Anonymous

    This will be helpful for my son in reinforcing his position as the loudest kid in first grade.

  • Joe Crop

    This is really cool, it would be fun to see what I can do with this.

  • Amanda Bowersox

    I’d love to get these for my nieces!

  • Anonymous


  • Geoff Haisty

    Looks fun.

  • Jesse Hawkins

    I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. 
    Albert Einstein

  • Jon Pruett

    This would be loads of fun to build with my daughter!

  • John Sackey

    draw all the things?

  • Anonymous

    I have the pencil version of this kit and it is very awesome. I’d love to try this one.

  • Anonymous

    These look really cool!  I like how it uses the conductive property of graphite to do its thing.

  • Anonymous

    Drawdio is one of those things I keep almost-buying. It looks really fun.

  • Joseph Reilly

    I hope I win

  • sheeboo

    super cool kit!

  • Anonymous


  • Adam Kavan

    Fun to build and then fun to draw with.

  • Anonymous

    Neato! I want one, err, two.

  • Tobias H. Alvarez

    Fun guaranteed! 

  • Tim Ballas

    I’d love to have a drawdio!

  • Aaron

    I want one!

  • Kelly H

    What a great idea for stocking stuffers! After I had the fun of putting the kits together, of course.

  • Bjarni Freyr Þórðarson

    i want one :)

  • Elisa Shoenberger

    Sounds like lots of fun!

  • Avraham

    Looks like fun.

  • Bryan Thurnau

    looks like fun

  • Jeff Pettiross

    So cool! Might be a Christmas present even if I don’t win…

  • James Saxe

    this kit looks like a good time

  • Anonymous


  • Tom Stearns

    My son would love this.

  • Amelia Finker

    I think this would add interesting dimension to drawing

  • Sam Bonar

    synthesizer, microwave me! 

  • Bart Patrzalek

    so do i draw with it or make music?

  • Daniel

    looks like more fun. I want one

  • Dolphin Hawkins

    Definitely something my son would love

  • Anonymous

    I’d love a kit!

  • James Thomas Fields

    My entry

  • Tess Elliott

    This looks like a hoot! I draw a lot, and it would be fun to make a little music while I am at it. Thanks for doing this.

  • Billy J. Dale

    If Picasso only had one.

  • Ismaeel Ghouse

    I saw it in a video. seems cool.

  • Anonymous

    i really want one of these
    they look really fun!  :0

  • Anonymous

    Wow, fun stuff!

  • Anonymous

    I would love a kit :)

  • Anonymous

    These look interesting

  • PJ Perfetti

    Cool !!!

  • Laurence Doss

    Excellent. I’d love a set.

  • Jason Stone


  • Anonymous

    Could really use a project to work on right now

  • Andy VanSchoiack

    this would drive my coworkers crazy… pick me!

  • Andrew Maxwell-Parish

    I would like to get my 555 on.

  • Sarah Richardson

    This would be great!

  • fluxivit y

    i wonder if there is some adaptive probability algorithm that can be extrapolated from 4 days of data that maximizes ones chances, unlikely it seems

  • JEFF

    I would love to make this with my daughter (one kit for each!)

  • Beth Deel

    This is perfect, because if I won this I would keep it for myself, but now I can win one and share one! PERFECT!

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried about owning a simple machine that can exceed my meager drawing skills. But I’m willing to give it a go.

  • Jay Kim

    I really like unusual gadgets like this!

  • Anonymous

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