Kids & Family

3D Print Aesthetic Leg Prosthetic

This man designed and 3D printed a custom fairing for his coworker’s daughter’s prosthetic leg. Best of all, the designs are open source!

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Three Teens Combined Their Passion for Tech with Their Love for Fashion

These girls combined their passions for tech and fashion to create three projects: a light-up dress, interactive jewelry, and a LED umbrella.

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Edible Innovations: Maker Faire Rome Showcases the Future of Food

100,000 visitors and over 700 projects from over 60 countries came to Maker Faire Rome, a faire that’s been nicknamed Maker Faire Europe.

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Build a Hexapod Robot Out of Tongue Depressors

Bob Kat built this robot out of tongue depressors and materials from his trash, proving that ingenuity is all you need to create something.

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Craft This Turkey to Celebrate Gratitude on Thanksgiving

This arts & crafts project showcases everything you’re grateful for on the feathers of a cute turkey.

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