100 Best CRAFT Posts OF ALL TIME!

It really is quite incredible when you think about how may amazing projects and people that have been posted about here on the CRAFT blog-o-sphere! So, as a New Years gift to you, we, the current CRAFT editors, wanted to roundup our favorite posts OF ALL TIME…it’s epic.
crochet_covered_smart_car best of post.jpeg
Becky Stern’s Favorites:

best of postDissectedFrog.jpeg
Arwen O’Reily Griffith’s Favorites:

best of post crochet_parasol_umbrella.jpeg
Haley Pierson-Cox’s Favorites:

best of post calvinnichollsowl.jpeg
Carla Sinclair’s Favorites:

best of post chandelierweb 2111.jpeg
Brookelynn Morris’s Favorites:

best of post bob_ross_amigurumi.jpeg
Rachel Hobson’s Favorites:

best of posttapestry%20animals-1.jpeg
Meg Allan Cole’s Favorites:

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in a comment!