100 Best CRAFT Posts OF ALL TIME!

Craft & Design

It really is quite incredible when you think about how may amazing projects and people that have been posted about here on the CRAFT blog-o-sphere! So, as a New Years gift to you, we, the current CRAFT editors, wanted to roundup our favorite posts OF ALL TIME…it’s epic.
crochet_covered_smart_car best of post.jpeg
Becky Stern’s Favorites:

best of postDissectedFrog.jpeg
Arwen O’Reily Griffith’s Favorites:

best of post crochet_parasol_umbrella.jpeg
Haley Pierson-Cox’s Favorites:

best of post calvinnichollsowl.jpeg
Carla Sinclair’s Favorites:

best of post chandelierweb 2111.jpeg
Brookelynn Morris’s Favorites:

best of post bob_ross_amigurumi.jpeg
Rachel Hobson’s Favorites:

best of posttapestry%20animals-1.jpeg
Meg Allan Cole’s Favorites:

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in a comment!