A picture of a step in the DIY casebinding process for handmade hardback books

Etsy handmade bookbinder Rhonda Miller of My Hardbound Books shares a nice video of her technique for DIY casebinding, which can be tricky to master for people new to the craft. With a little care, though, the results can be stunning. See the links below for details on how to get started on this kind of project. I see handmade research journals in the future for our basement lab! Props to Propnomicon for the pointer.


R. Mark Adams

R. Mark Adams

Biomolecular cryptologist, robotics hacker, bad skateboarder and all-around mad artist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/math.campbell Math Campbell

    Truly excellent video here. I’ve still got the eBook from the Maker Store lying on my desk, ready to get bound up (I think there was even a competition to the first reader to do so! Probably lost that I guess), and when I get time I’m definitely going ot be using this video that start binding some nice books…

  • Jules

    I admire the clean construction of the case and block. Thank you for sharing this video!

  • http://abouttimepublishing.wordpress.com About Time Publishing

    I always attached my endsheets from the outside first to be sure it is square and even and then smooth toward the spine. I also tend to use heavier endsheets. But your way may allow the use of a flimsier endsheet. What do you think?

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