There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny things, with the exception of teeny tiny things IN A TREE. Maddie Chambers created this amazingly detailed and beautiful tree dollhouse she dubbed Mad’s Mouse House and it is something to see.

It even has electricity and a teeny tiny Oriental rug. Seen on Apartment Therapy.

Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

  • Tara

    Marvellous ! ! !Splendid!!!!!

  • Karina Content

    Do you know this project the mouse mansion ?

  • Betty Vanek

    This is the cutest thing ever! I want one.

  • Sam Gibson

    Just like Brambley Hedge, love this.

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Do You Make them to sell?

  • Kelli

    I want a kit to make my own…..are there any?

  • Tara Davidson

    *Skweeeee!* I really love this, and I’m going to try making one. :D