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Pete Prodoehl’s Arc-O-Matic art bot draws spir-o-graph style art with the help of a servo-controlled arm.
6956809944 6ed6bf8e6f b Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

Too many sharks in your pool? You need a Arduino-Congtrolled Shark Detection System.
img 02554 Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

Ellen Sundh’s Slouch Detecting Belt uses a flex sensor to tell when you’re slouching, then sounds the alarm.

This SMS Text Scroller Powered by Android and Arduino displays texts on a display for easy viewing.
luv  Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

98th-level ninja John Edgar Park showed off his Arduino GRANDE at Maker Faire. Woot!
arduinogrande46 Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

Not sure who’s drink you’re about to grab? Not if the Espresso Machine Prints Your Phone Number on the Foam.

Amanda Ghassaei’s Arduino-controlled Vocal Effects Box lets you use your friendly local Arduino to shift and manipulate your voice.
 Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

Smart shop tools like this Arduino-Controlled Lathe? I vote yes.

The Inebriator Cocktail Machine mixes up cocktails on command, and it does it in style.

You’ve heard of a ship in a bottle? The Fijibot, an Autonomous Solar-Charging Robot is a robot in a bottle!
fijibot Best of 2012: Arduino Projects


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