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  • Alberto Piganti

    Hello John
    i’m pighixxx, the author of the diagrams.
    Thank you for your review.
    I am working on a series of basic circuits for arduino. (only in Italian and beta version for now).
    The link:,146152.0.html
    When they’re ready I’ll send you an email.

    p.s. my nick is pighixxx and I come from Roman Ezzelino!

  • MartyMarty

    Hi Alberto Piganti (pighixx)
    thank you for such a great visual print out guide!

  • sofenza

    Arduino group forum participant Romano d’Ezzelino developed this pinout plan and a lot of others such as one for the ATtiny and another for the ATMega1284p. The styles are Community Commons certified. [via Adafruit]