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Matthew Borgatti, whose pop-up, MIDI-controlled Anywhere Organ made an appearance at the 2011 World Maker Faire in NYC, has also been pursuing 3D-printed tentacle-bots for some time now. His most recent iteration was recently completed and you can see it in action, below. Further details of the project can be found here.

I’ve been exploring new ways to make durable, flexible, inexpensive soft robots. Here are some experiments in creating a hollow silicone tentacle with three internal air chambers that allow it to rotate 360 deg.

Check out Matthew's complete Trefoil Core Tentacle set of images on Flickr.

Check out Matthew’s complete Trefoil Core Tentacle set of images on Flickr.

Nick Normal

I’m an artist & maker. A lifelong biblioholic, and advocate for all-things geekathon. Home is Long Island City, Queens, which I consider the greatest place on Earth. 5-year former Resident of Flux Factory, co-organizer for World Maker Faire (NYC), and blogger all over the net. Howdy!

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