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  • Bart

    RFDuino much?

  • Alex

    No alignment key? Seems like it’d be annoying always having to double check the orientation to make sure you aren’t 90deg out.

    That said, cool project.

  • Keith Rome

    Bart, this has NOTHING to do with Armen’s RFDuino project. This project of Fran’s is a natural offshoot from her last couple of videos about DIY PCB manufacture, and was clearly inspired by the Apollo program based on some reverse engineering she did of the processing modules used to get us to the moon. Almost none of that part of the technology was documented, so she had to figure it out using pure deductive reasoning along with a little bit of study of X-Rays of the original devices.

    Check out this video:

    Dig around and watch the other Apollo Saturn V LVDC videos on her channel to find out more. Her work is pretty impressive.