My friend Mike Hord of Sparkfun has shot this quick video showing how to set up a pcDuino. If you’re not hip to this microcontroller, it’s a system-on-a-board running linux, and you program it by plugging the board into your TV via HDMI and simply plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse. It has the same pins as the Arduino for easy adoption.

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    John Baichtal

    John Baichtal

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    • Brian Williams

      Purple fingernails on hairy hands are a bit off-putting…

      • http://gravatar.com/mupeg Sean

        Hey, they are far cooler than my hairy fingernails and purple hands.

      • http://twitter.com/VXO ON⦅⩑⦆AIR Tom, KG4CYX (@VXO)

        I’m generally more fond of deep blue with a glitter top coat, myself.

    • mupeg

      I’ve been messing with mine for a few months now and I have very few complaints compared to the amazing things it can do. It really is a competent little computer and it’s very easy to access the IO in multiple languages. I’ve got mine setup to start a VNC session at boot so I don’t even need the extra monitor or keyboard/mouse. Very cool product. Cheers!

      • tonyv

        I’d love to hear how you set up your board to boot into VNC. How about a tutorial somewhere?

        • tonyv

          Never mind. I Googled ‘pcDuino VNC’ and found the info. It works great!

          • http://gravatar.com/mupeg mupeg

            Good deal!

    • tonyv

      I just got my pcDuino a few days ago, and have been very impressed with its ease of setup, it’s I/O capabilities, and how FAST it is.

      I have a couple of BeagleBoardXMs, but they are just too slow and don’t have the I/O capabilities I want. I was never interested in the BeagleBone — lots of I/O, but no on-board video and too expensive. The new Beaglebone Black has video and is faster, smaller, and cheaper, but the specs of the pcDuino are still better. I haven’t tried a Raspberry-PI.