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Our friend Matt Mets, along with pals Max Henstell and Marty Mcguire, is developing a cool addressable LED light strip that packs a microprocessor on the strip for easy programming. Look cool? You can get in on the Kickstarter campaign and score some excellent tech. It looks awesome, Matt!

John Baichtal

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  1. no says:

    It’s kinda cool, but $60 feels a little expensive.
    costs about the same, is almost the same size, but the teensy has a lot more IO and is a bit more powerful than a 32u4.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      We’re using the same 32u4 as the Teensy, so it is just as powerful (the open source Caterina bootloader is a bit larger, though!). We’d love to break out as many pins as the Teensy, but we had to shrink the controller quite a bit to fit inside the BlinkyTape- it’s something like 1/4 the size! We did manage to squeeze some expansion connections on the back of it for power, analog, and digital sensors and communication, though.

    2. mrnagrom says:

      i’m with you on that one. Sure, it’s cool, but for what amounts to a teensy without any pins and a meter of rgb led it seems a little wacked out expensive.. cool project though and i love that you guys released it open source.

  2. ecurtz says:

    The Teensy 2 is a 32u4. In fact it sure looks like that photo of their prototype IS just a Teensy and an addressable strip of the same style as that Adafruit one.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      We love the Teensy, and did our initial prototyping way back with them. We specifically chose the 32u4 so that our open source software would be 100% Arduino and Teensy compatible (and we’re using the Caterina bootloader as well), so you can enjoy the integrated packaging of the BlinkyTape, or benefit from the tools we’re building on your favorite development platform or design.

  3. xfoxx says:

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