A 45-year old former U.S. Coast Guard apartment block, abandoned since 1996, is perfectly demolished by “implosion” over the course of about 20 seconds. 250 lbs of explosives were used. The 11-story building was removed to make way for a park.

Special thanks to Par Parekh for answering the call!

  • Eric Weinhoffer

    Awesome! I took video of a similarly-exciting demolition back in Atlanta a few years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4tIGw60vY4

    • Cire Reffohniew

      Pretty cool, except you forgot to turn your phone to the “correct” orientation.

      • Eric Weinhoffer

        Yeah, that was a “derp” moment.

    • Goli Mohammadi

      Rad, Eric! The explosions are so dramatic sounding in your vid. Can’t imagine how loud they were standing where you were.

      • Eric Weinhoffer

        Yeah, it was quite loud. Overall an awesome experience though :)

  • http://www.louisminsky.com Louis Minsky

    I reversed some footage of the implosion. It looks like the building is building constructed super fast: http://youtu.be/zs-udCZJsns

    • Nick Normal

      Louis, Awesometown!

  • http://www.TomHeck.com Tom Heck

    I’d like to see a recreation of the demolition using Lego.

  • http://www.teppichreinigung.com/ Mary

    This power is really amazing. Makes me feel a bit shaky.

  • Alan Dove

    In the slow-mo version, it sounds like the cattle are very pleased with the demolition.