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Designer Chad Wright created this poignant work called Master Plan in which a sandcastle mould was used to produce an entire suburban sandcastle development that was eventually washed away by the ocean’s rising tide.

I was raised in Orange County—a sprawling suburb of Southern California built by disciples of Levittown. We lived in a tract house, a symbol of the American Dream, just like our neighbors. Dad, a realtor, and mom, a preschool teacher, met while working at JCPenneys in 1970. We spent our summers in Breezy Point, New York, at the yellow beach bungalow that my grandma Stella bought with war bonds, unknown to grandpa who was stationed in Iwo Jima soon after they eloped. As children, my big brother Christopher and I would build cities in the sand, beneath the bungalow’s slatted porch floorboards.

Andrew Salomone

Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

  • samfearnley

    Reblogged this on The Curious Optimist and commented:
    This is so awesome! I loved making sandcastles on the beach :)

  • Izzabella Sayer

    Oh so sad all of that work to be washed away
    What are we doing to our world