Los Angeles-based cinematographer Richie Trimble knows how sweet the view is from a bicycle seat 14.5 feet up. Luckily, he shared it with the rest of us in his POV video of riding his insanely tall homemade bike, dubbed Stoopidtall, through L.A.’s bike-centric CicLAvia event. The beast was built in 12 hours using one Huffy beach cruiser, 2″ square tubing, 3/4″ round tubing, 1″ round tubing, a 26″ single-speed coaster brake wheelset, and 6.5 single-speed chains (32.5 feet of chain). To boot, Trimble used “an upside down shopping cart and a split log” to bend the tubing.

Trimble cruises to the coast with eye level roughly at 17 feet off the ground:







Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

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  • Denbo

    At that height does a bike helmet becomes useless or absolutely necessary?

    • oz0n

      I would say useless, I think a motorcycle helmet might perform better, but I if you hit the ground with your head first, your neck will break either way.

    • t-bone

      Do you really care to remain conscious when all your limbs are broken?

      Inspired lunacy. Love that video.

  • Matt

    This is how smart people get removed from the gene pool. I admire the ingenuity it took to create something like this, but it’s undoubtedly suicidal nature makes me wonder…

  • Tyler Ray

    Never thought my height anxiety would be triggered by a secondhand bike ride. Well done.

    • nathan

      second that. I am all sweaty now!

  • Props!

    Very Cool! This thing must have been heavy — I hope he had a crew of “catchers”. I kept thinking about power lines.

  • Phil

    I was hoping he was going to dismount into the sea :-(