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With Cooker On

Codlo doing its thing.

I’ve been tracking the progress of Nomiku, a consumer class immersion circulator that was the highest grossing food project on Kickstarter and a Haxlr8r success story. The product aims to bring to fancy restaurant technology into the home kitchen with a device that clips onto a pot of water to heat it to precise temperatures, allowing you to cook meat sous vide. The technique of slow cooking meat in a vacuum sealed bag is de rigueur at high-end restaurants, but out of reach for home users because of the price. While it hasn’t started shipping yet, Nomiku will retail for $359 and the creators call it the first immersion circulator for the home cook.

But look out Nomiku. Here’s comes the second sous vide device for the home cook: Codlo, a startup product from a small team with a strikingly similar story to the Nomiku folks. And it costs 50 percent less. Nomiku is further along in production than Codlo. The $150 Codl0 is stil raising funds on Kickstarter.

  • daenris

    By “long heating element” I assume you mean temperature probe. The reason it has to be used with a slow cooker or similar is that it doesn’t have it’s own heating element.

    • Stett Holbrook

      Right you are. Thanks.

  • unmaintained

    Quite different from the Nomiku, it doesn’t have its own heating element, and there’s nothing to circulate the water in most of those “slow cookers”. Their graph doesn’t mean much as they can’t guarantee even heating without control of the heat source and circulation. Basically it’s osPID, which you can get now (especially Makers)…

  • Karl Bielefeldt

    You can buy a solid state relay with heat sink for $11 and a temperature probe for $6 and make your own, assuming you already have an Arduino or something you can use to control it. Of course, you won’t get the polished user interface of the Codlo.

  • RobbieBoyd

    Yeah, for something that requires you to add on a separate heat source and circulator, there’s no reason to drop $150 on a consumer product. Make has a great how-to here: that gives you a heat-and-cool switching controller unit you can easily (really, I mean EASILY) make yourself for $50 or so. I made it and it works perfectly with a slow cooker, though for a bigger vessel I’d definitely want to add a circulator. Nomiku still looks interesting, but too expensive for me.

  • Sandy Wambold

    The Nomiku people started with their Amber kit ( At a workshop at Biocurious, they helped me attach mine to a power cord instead of an appliance so I’ve used it both with a slow cooker and a deep fryer.

  • Alan Dove

    Liability risk is huge for these efforts, and I’m sure that’s built into the price. Immerse your vacuum bag full of protein in a bath at just the right temperature, and you get deliciously cooked sous vide. Immerse it in a bath that’s kinda sorta like the right temperature, or that cycles through a range of temperatures, and you may get botulism.

  • sousvidemagic

    This is nothing new. They are many other capable sous vide controllers on the market.
    SousVideMagic controller was introduced by our company more than five years ago and in its 4th generation iteration is the state of the art in sous vide cooking.

    • chef on the lab fire

      Oh Dear, I’ve seen your products and even seen at Modernist cuisine.
      However, so have you beat up the Poly Science?
      Have your company even discuss about sousvide technique with CREA?
      Just let it be, don’t be jealuous about other company, because their new products get praise from people, If your company prodcuts is really good, customers already knew it.
      So just calm down, then watch & see what will happen.
      PS: Still I thinks you guys done well with sousvide magic : )

  • chef on the lab fire

    Anyway, my most curiosity arise on this
    “what will be happen if connect Nomiku with Codlo”.
    …As far as I know, this is techniquely possible, but I want to know that result of this will be upgrade or downgrade.

    Oh I can’t wait until my Nomiku and day when I got codlo lol.

    ps: Why Japanese geek don’t make any sousvide products ?
    I wonder. hmm…..

    pps:Ok, now home and work place sousvide machines are setteled.
    Then how about factory machine? ha? have you never seen?
    I saw one at Cusine Soulution.
    I wonder where do they get that huge sous vide machine.
    Don’t tell me that Dr. Bruno Goussault make it by him self : (