Jaclyn Bowen paints one of the many carved wooden characters that will be part of the active working carousel that will be operating in Kingsport next spring.

Jaclyn Bowen paints one of the many carved wooden characters that will be part of the active working carousel opening in Kingsport next spring.

Last Sunday marked Tennessee’s second annual Kingsport Mini Maker Faire. Kayla Williams, who helped with the event, reflects:

This was the first Mini Maker Faire that I’ve attended, and it was so amazing to see all the hard work and dedication that the makers had put into their projects. At the Kingsport Mini Maker Faire we had everything from hovercrafts to robots, and wood carvers to belly dancing workshops! The event was a tremendous success and we are looking forward to hosting our third annual Mini Maker Faire next July!

It sounds like a great time was had by all. Check out some of Kayla’s snaps from the day:

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    I was also there, and it was my first faire as well. The greatest thing for me was just the diversity of people there, both makers and attendees. It was like mixing a quilting bee, bake sale, craft show and science fair all together and getting something greater than all of them. I had a blast! Also I have to mention Jeff and the guys at RCAM (Regional Center for Adavanced Manufacturing) who had a portable machine shop set up so kids could machiinie and fabricate parts for their own super ball catapults, Byron and the Blender animators, Knoxmakers and the guys from Asheville makers group!

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    Here’s a couple Vines from the event, the first one a glimpse at KnoxMakers’ deranged animatronic monkey meteorologist and the second features random clips from throughout the day: https://vine.co/v/hZDXQLjlmOp and https://vine.co/v/hZD1KZ6Qlez