As seen at Comic-Con International: San Diego this weekend, this trailer gives me great hope for this new version of Cosmos, one of the most beloved science fact television shows of all time, with a geek-favorite host. The new production, with Neil deGrasse Tyson taking over the chair from Carl Sagan, and co-produced by Sagan’s own Cosmos Studios (his widow, Ann Druyan is an Executive producer on the show), and the National Geographic Channel, will run on FOX, and was championed by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane. It’s expected to run in 2014.

Ken Denmead

Ken Denmead

Ken is the Grand Nagus of He’s a husband and father from the SF Bay Area, and has written three books filled with projects for geeky parents and kids to share.

  • simon

    Fox, plus too much production not as much content. Should’ve stayed with a “ship of the imagination”.

    • Margot

      Wow. Way to judge a book by its cover.

      • Wally SirFatty

        Really? You think Fox will work out? Perhaps you should check their track record. I wish it was on PBS personally.

        • thelightbulbison

          Setting fire to the town before it burns down? Fox may not have a brilliant track record but they’re still the reason the world got to bear witness to the likes of Arrested Development and Firefly. Touchy cancel button notwithstanding

  • bandit, Albuquerque

    Hot Stuff! Ad Astra!

  • proto

    Given Fox’s typical target demographic, I wonder how they’re going to get NdGT to say the calendar of the universe is only 6000.

    • Will

      Fox TV is not the same as Fox News. Anyhow, there really aren’t that many young-earth creationists, despite their popularity in anti-religious caricatures.
      Having said that, I have trouble believing that it will be very successful on broadcast, commercial TV. I would have expected it to air on PBS, especially given Ann Druyen’s involvement in the original Cosmos series.

      • Ken Denmead

        Indeed, this is going to be an interesting experiment – FOX as a TV network is indeed vastly different than FOX News; the fact that they run Simpsons and Family Guy, both shows that have been very critical of FOX News in the past, shows that. I think it’s vitally important that we get the word out about this show and help it be as successful as possible, just to promote MORE of this kind of show, and encourage a greater scientific literacy in our population.

    • vansgirl12

      FOX News is run by Roger Ailes, the FOX Network is not.

  • Dave DeCoursey

    Why can’t I see this? It comes up as private! Tease!

    • Ken Denmead

      Interesting – it was working earlier! Okay, found another instance of it, and replaced. Should work for now!