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Designer Anton Alvarez has conjured up a fascinating contraption for joining materials together with thread and glue called The Thread Wrapping Machine.

The Craft of Thread Wrapping was born with this tool that I designed and manufactured. It is a new way of making that has originated from years of my own personal research, beginning with my background in cabinetmaking and leading into my years of conceptual and process-based design research.

[via adafruit]

Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.



  1. Tommy Phillips says:

    It makes me think of another name that starts with “A” … Arachne.

  2. t-bone says:

    Very creative. Like tying giant flies, I guess.

  3. Izzabella Sayer says:

    What a great craft idea really neat I love it but can it only work with two folk using or can it be worked by one I love this

  4. James says:

    reminds me of a stargate for some reason

  5. Arbor says:

    I was pretty let down by this article. I thought someone had built a robot that would index various posts on internet forums, add a beat, and rap them.

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