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I’ve recently built a Mini Kossel 3D printer and already I’m wondering how I ever lived without a 3D printer. For example, my wife and daughter were making cookies today for the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow but they couldn’t find the turkey cookie cutters. No problem! 3D printer to the rescue!

A quick trip over to Thingiverse quickly gave me a very nice design for a turkey cookie cutter. Twenty minutes later I had a plastic food-safe cookie cutter and the girls were back in action!  No trips to the store.  No fighting the traffic.  Easy as pie cookies!

How has your 3D printer saved the day?

Ian Lee

Ian Lee

I’m a software engineer by day and maker by night. Most of my making revolves around woodworking, electronics, and the combination of the two. I’m also the founder & president of NashMicro – the Nashville Microcontrollers users’ group and the father of three future makers. Follow me on Twitter as @ianlee74 or for the most recent news on everything Gadgeteer, follow @gadgeteerin.



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  2. steve says:


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  4. Jonathan says:

    What plastic do you use that is food safe? I’ve looked a few times and never found anything rated.


    1. Ian Lee says:

      Jonathan, PLA, especially when made from corn, is generally regarded as food-safe especially for something that gets as little contact as cookie cutter. The lack of a smooth surface makes nearly any 3D print, regardless of material, a good container for foods.

      Also, I forgot to warn my wife… PLA isn’t dishwasher safe :(

      1. Ian Lee says:

        Sorry, I meant to say “The lack of a smooth surface makes nearly any 3D print, regardless of material, a *poor* container for foods.”