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39638f c416ef2d73a69071bdff9d20a01288f3 Mud & Seed Become 3D Printed Grass Art

Taking “moss graffiti” to it’s logically industrial application, several art education students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia challenged themselves to design a 3D printer and concluded with this machine whose results are pretty intriguing.

39638f 334983a2521a43d1bd1bbb3aa1d2f812 Mud & Seed Become 3D Printed Grass Art

Designed around a modified CNC machine, the printer dispenses a mixture of soil, seeds, and water. The mixture holds its form quite well, and over time grass will grow from the print. You can see in the video below the unit dispenses around a cup’s worth of mixture to print the words “print green,” the name of the project in English (translated from “tiskaj zeleno” in Slovenian).

The device is also capable of printing along the z-axis, for creating bowls and other shapes from mud, while incorporating a top-layer of the grass seed mixture for results like this:

39638f 8f1da3fe88364792a4215417697ec1fb Mud & Seed Become 3D Printed Grass Art
39638f c437c1d041c84701a6a0bb992ff4a0fc Mud & Seed Become 3D Printed Grass Art

[via core77]

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