Drawn is a new 3D printing services company that creates large scale items like furniture.

Drawn is a new 3D printing services company that creates large scale items like furniture.

Sylvain Charpiot and his business partner Samuel Javelle founded Drawn, a France-based 3D printing service company that can make customer furniture and other household items. Sylvain is an engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, and Samuel is a talented designer and innovator.

The third member of Drawn’s team is Galatea, a large scale 3D printer named for the statue that mythological sculptor Pygmalion fell in love with. Although the team has been working on Galatea for two years now, the company Drawn was officially founded this June.

Sylvain and Samuel worked very hard to get their printer set up for Maker Faire Paris. Despite a hectic schedule and some initial problems getting the printer running on Friday, they pulled it off.

People at Maker Faire really liked the items produced by Drawn. The crowd favorite was the rounded chair design. Attendees where not the only ones appreciating Drawn and their creations; they received no less than seven separate Editor’s Choice Awards at Maker Faire.

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One of the features of Galatea is that they can change the nozzle diameter for printing from 1.75mm all the way to 8mm. They are still playing a lot and seeing what sizes work with different print speeds to create the best products. Galatea prints furniture and other home decor items in layers that are typically 4 to 5 mm thick.

Developing this technology and the company to market their designs has not always been easy. They have not always found partners who aligned with the team’s dreams and goals. For now this independent company will continue developing their products and services. We hope we’ll see more of them soon.