What started as a normal father/son Lego building competition ended in the conception of a virtual reality helmet made from the famous building blocks, and a 6-year-old son with the victory. Odd Arne Roll’s son, Theodore, may have won the battle, but it left Odd Arne with a working prototype of the VR helmet by the end of the night.

With Google and Oculus as inspiration, Roll designed a helmet that works using a mobile phone screen and a couple of lenses from Claus Ohlson. The lenses and construction of the helmet are designed to fit an iPhone 5S. There are a variety of free mobile apps to use along with the glasses, and Roll suggests 3DTube — a YouTube 3D video player. If you want to try making a pair for yourself, Roll made a PDF file with step-by-step instructions of how to build a copy of his prototype. He does warn that if you do not have an iPhone you may have to make necessary adjustments to the design for your phone to fit properly.

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Krista Peryer

Krista Peryer

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  • Jenny Lauzus

    Does any one know what lenses he used? also what other apps other than 3D tube does it work with?

  • frittsinn

    Follow this guide to make your own:

    1. Order a pair of these (16$) lenses (or equivalent):
    (or http://www.clasohlson.com/no/Forstørrelsesglass/34-7935)

    2. Build the HMD using this guide:
    (or dirctly: “http://www.mediafire.com/view/arci2x5exb5vkqf/VR_Lego_HMD.pdf”)

    3. Sand down edges on the lego bricks where necessary, put on some padding and glue on some head-straps (Velcro works great)

    4. Search your mobile appstore for “Durovis” and “3dtube”, install and enjoy your 32$ VR Headset =)

    Here is a link to my story and a demo of the HMD:

  • frittsinn

    Here is a link to my story and a demo of the Lego headset, you will find a complete DIY guide in the video description. Good luck!