At the Atlanta Maker Faire this year, I stopped by many booths, talked to many people, and learned a lot about their projects. There were, however, a few exhibits that I saw that either need no explanation, or I just didn’t get one. Fortunately, I took pictures of a lot of them, as seen in the slideshow below.

Some of my favorites included the truly wacky, like the blue horned thing that I saw wandering around the street with a human passenger inside. Also, there was a guy that had (what I hope was a replica of) a large CRT television set on his head. There was also some sort of model of Abraham Lincoln that said whatever you texted to it.

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Naturally, there was also an assortment of 3d printers, but it seems that these took somewhat of a backseat to multi-rotor aircraft when compared to Faires that I’ve been to before. Possibly it was the outdoor environment that facilitated this, but I think that hobby has become more popular and accessible in the last few years as well.

Finally, there were some living things at the event, including planters and some exotic-looking mushrooms. A guy who was definitely not shy about being photographed was there with a large snake, as well as a woman with what looked like a possum.  On the other side of the spectrum, I was able to get a picture of an adorable puppy below someone’s exhibit. Maybe I’m not adventurous enough, but I found that much more interesting than the other two.