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5 Responses to Crochet Viking Hat and Beard

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  1. Barclay D. on said:

    This is terrific, but after wading through a thousand obnoxious reddit comments only to discover that the instructions aren’t to be had anywhere, I find myself annoyed with this tease. What is the point of putting up this image if there aren’t any instructions to follow along at home? Why not wait until he has written up the instructions, as he claims he is going to do?

  2. Becky Stern on said:

    I too would love to see instructions, but I also didn’t claim to provide any in my post. =]

  3. Doris The Funkasaurus on said:

    Instructions or not, that’s awesome.

  4. The hat is easy enough for me to recreate, but what is that beard made of?

  5. Becky Card on said:

    I would like the pattern for crochet Viking hat and beard. Thanks…

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