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  • Lucy

    Haley, can you answer a question I’ve been wondering for a while? I read the Craft blog through Google Reader. The link says ‘Read the full article on MAKE’ yet it is never an article, just a sentence or two with a link to another blog. I get that it’s more of a compilation blog than original content, but I think you would have to agree that it isn’t a full article. Do you?

    • Haley Pierson-Cox

      Hi, Lucy! The “Read the full article on MAKE” link just brings you here to the Make: CRAFT site so you can see the full post, which often includes additional photos or more information, including links to the project/person that we’re talking about. On features like this, the posts are generally pretty short. And, while I agree that “article” might be a bit of a stretch in this case, our RSS feed doesn’t show the full text for any of the posts on CRAFT, so the read more link is automatically included in the feed after each introductory snippet. (Alas, I don’t get to choose the wording.) I hope that helps shine some light on the process!