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  • concerned

    this is such a horrible thing to do to a baby! bad, bad, bad idea… shame on you.

  • Becky Stern

    What? How is this any different from a high chair, car seat, or baby swing? They gave her a plastic liner so she wouldn’t be dampened, and she doesn’t seem to mind at all.”Horrible” is something quite different indeed.

  • alison

    I’m not sure about this either. I know I wouldn’t want to sit around in a cut out (even if it is lined) pumpkin. Horrible is perhaps overstating things but………..

  • concerned

    have you viewed all the pictures on Instructables? holes in the walls, dirt caked on the floor, beer bottles on the counter. humm, let’s get drunk and put our baby in a pumpkin shell. bad, bad idea… horrible!

  • Emmagoose

    This is cute, more because of the baby than the pumpkin. I might do this with any future spawn I have, just for a photo-op. I’d probably not have the baby in the pumpkin for much longer than a few photos, and then switch over to a cozy cloth costume.

  • halloweenie

    I don’t see what difference holes in their wall or a beer bottle on the counter makes. This is just a costume, and a cute idea. Its no different from dressing your baby up in any other costume…I don’t see why its so horrible. I think its pretty sweet!

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