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I love this morse code knit cowl from Karen of Yarn Over. Not only is it stylish, but it utilizes morse code to convey a funny message.

…I was learning the code and charting out a message — using a single purl stitch for a dot and 3 in a row for a dash. (“Dots” and “dashes” really being short and long signals.) And every space is a knit stitch: 1 between the dots/dashes of a single letter; 3 between letters; 7 between words. Then I figured if I’m doing something as dorky as knitting Morse Code, I might as well go all the way and make it punny, right? So this cowl says I wool always love you.

Fantastic! You can get the chart for this cowl over on Karen’s blog. What other punny messages could you come up with for a knit morse code scarf?
Morse Code Scarf
Morse Code Knit Hat

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