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CRAFT: Celebrate the Season
minicake banner main How To: Mini Cake Banner
By Kami Bigler
Cake bunting is a fun trend going on right now, adding height and dimension to any simple cake. The great thing about it is that your cake decorating skills can be mediocre. This takes the attention away from the frosting and moves it to the top of the cake.
Most commonly used are little triangle pennant flags, but why not add your own touch with little die-cut shapes or stickers? If you are into scrap booking or paper crafts, this craft should be an easy and fun one.


Scraps of paper to be die cut
Tiny or small cutting dies in the desired shapes
7 different shapes were used here
Die cutting tool or machine
2 wooden skewers
Bakers twine in desired color
red & white bakers twine is used here
Small hole punch or a needle
Ribbon for base of cake
Cake stand


minicake banner step1 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 1: Choose cutting die and scrap of colored card stock to create your shape.
minicake banner step2 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 2: Put the paper face down with the cutting die face up.
minicake banner step3 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 3: Place on cutting mat, sandwiched between the top and bottom plate.
minicake banner step4 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 4: Roll through hand-crank die cutting machine.
minicake banner step5 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 5: Peel your shape from the paper.
minicake banner step6 How To: Mini Cake Banner
Step 6: Your paper shape is now ready! Repeat this process for all the pieces you want for your mini banner.
Minicake Banner Ribbon
Step 7: Wrap the base of your cake with ribbon.
Step 8: Once all your shapes are ready, string them onto the bakers twine row by row, wrapping them around the wooden skewers until you get to the top.
Minicake Banner Final
Now you have a festive mini banner that’s perfect for the holidays!
About the Author:
author kami bigler How To: Mini Cake Banner
Kami Bigler runs the blog no biggie, a family lifestyle blog highlighting her three favorites: crafts, cooking and thrifting. She loves to spend her non-blogging hours with her husband Kyle, their two children and one puppy faced dog, Rukkus.

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