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Thrift stores and yard sales are full of orphaned teacups, and I can never resist bringing them home. However, I don’t think I could ever drink enough cups of tea to make my collection really worthwhile. So I found a way to repurpose these pretty vessels and turn them into something I’ll use every day: a pincushion! The supplies to make these are cheap, but the results are adorable, making them an ideal last-minute gift. Here’s how to make one of your own.



Thrifted teacup
Bamboo fiberfill stuffing
Fabric scrap
Needle and thread
E-6000 glue
Old paintbrush


Step 1: Trace and cut a circle that measures about 4″ larger than the diameter of your teacup. I used a dinner plate to trace mine.
Step 2: Sew a long running stitch around the fabric circle, stitching about 1/2″ in from the edge.
Step 3: Before cutting your thread and removing the needle, pull the threads to gather your fabric into a pouch. Stuff the pouch with bamboo fiberfill until full and pull the opening closed. Hand-stitch the opening closed with a few quick stitches.
Step 4: Using an old paintbrush, coat the inside of your teacup with E-6000 glue. Place the fabric puff you created into the teacup, stitched side down, and press to adhere. Once the glue is dry, use and enjoy!



  1. Michelle Wagner says:

    You can also add a magnet to the bottom of the cup for easy pin pick up!

  2. Jen says:

    What a fun idea!! I love it! Think i might make one for my mom (and me!)

  3. Laura Harrison says:

    What about a coffee mug??? Will that work??

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