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Subversive cross stitch projects have been around for quite some time, but they never cease to amuse me. Before I make or buy a piece of art, I try to think of where in the house I will put it up. Each of these do a good job of suggesting a specific room or place they should be displayed. Most of the links below each photo will take you to an online shop where you can buy the original work, or a pattern to make your own.


Definitely a bathroom piece.

ba5c6625c8391f048c5444f7529cb8b1 Subversive Cross Stitch Roundup

This one could also fit well in the bathroom.


Another very obvious bathroom choice.

bbbb3 1024x983 Subversive Cross Stitch Roundup

For use with your books or display in your office space.

enhanced buzz 27412 1404733255 4 Subversive Cross Stitch Roundup

This one could go in the kitchen, perhaps.


I’m thinking this could go well with the bar area if you have one.


A definite must for the kitchen or bar.


In your front foyer, a welcome message for guests. Free pattern download for this one.

72 6vodka large Subversive Cross Stitch Roundup

Again, bar or kitchen would work well for this one.

overlordlg large Subversive Cross Stitch Roundup

For the nursery, of course.


This one would be charming in a kitchen, or even a garage/workshop (loose connection to tools here).


One more for the kitchen!

Agnes Niewiadomski

Maker Extraordinaire from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario.
Lover of all things CNC and handmade.

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