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Astromark created this beautiful half-scale Tardis for his very lucky kitty, Kaylee. I’m very impressed by how precise the copy is, and how hard he worked to ensure that all of the details were just right, from the sign on the door to the the lantern on top. Head over to Tardis Builder to see more photos of the building process! I think the Doctor would be proud.

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • Jennifer Vinson

    WOW! It looks bigger on the inside!

  • Sarah Hollman

    My cat, John Smith, would love this!

  • june7

    I think you need to make a mini-Dalek to go inside, keep Kaylee company. Especially a Dalek that lights up and says, “EXTERMINATE!” :=)

  • Bouncergirl2

    That is amazing I want one !!!

  • Claire

    This is brilliant. Seriously, lots of people commenting on other blogs that have reposted this, that they want one. I think there is a market for niche cat forts.
    I want one too!
    Pretty please, anyone know of any details if the person who made this is going into production (they should)
    Well done great talent.

  • Bari

    Gus the Cat says he wants one.

  • Howard

    I think I have a relative to kaylee. Her name is nessy, has the same brown and black tail with calico marking on the head. Kaylee’s play center is excellent too!!!!

  • Laura @ Found Beauty Studio

    I believe the appropriate response to this is: Holy crap, THIS IS AMAZING!!! After my three cats destroyed their kitty condo and have resorted to sleeping in boxes and scratching dressers, I may have to try my hand at this….

  • CCain

    is it bigger on the inside?

  • Sus

    This is awesome :) I love the hammock!

  • Martin Lewis

    Superb – going to be getting a cat next weekend and this can be it’s welcome present to build.

  • connor

    Holly crap I want that un a hudge doctor who fan I lpve that cat tardis hous but I ve who more than life so yes just yes I love the cat tardis its freakin awsome people

  • connor

    Holly crap I want that un a hudge doctor who fan I lpve that cat tardis hous but I ve who more than life so yes just yes I love the cat tardis its freakin awsome people

  • Coral Capettini

    Hello, I used your image for a meme. Hope that’s ok. I linked the Grumpy Cat owners to this blog.

  • Yuki Neko

    I found his blog using a google image search. he wont sell or make them for anybody due to license issues and bbc. cant blame the guy tho. if it gets out to them hes selling and making tardis shaped cat houses theyll sue him and put him in debt the rest of his life.

    • Lisa

      The BBC only own the rights to the name TARDIS. They don’t own the rights to the police box. In theory he could sell them, so long as they’re marketed as a ‘police box cat house’. Such a shame these aren’t available to buy. It would make me happy to see my ferret playing in one of those! :)

  • Mousie J


  • Michelle

    Please post specs.

    • Haley Pierson-Cox

      Unfortunately, I don’t know the specs, as I haven’t made one myself. But, if you follow the link over to the original project, perhaps the creator can help you out? The original project says it’s half-scale, so that should at least give you a good start! :) -Haley on CRAFT

  • DM

    I have a friend who asked me to make her one of these, and I told her I would. so if anyone else is STILL interested, let me know. My blog where you can leave a comment is: DM

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