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The San Mateo Area Chapter of the Embroiderers Guild of America was at Maker Faire last weekend with a fascinating project. They brought 24 crazy quilt blocks and encouraged folks to stop by and hand embroider on them, with their goal of having one thousand hands work on the quilt. Over the weekend, they had at least 100 people stop by for five to 30 minutes to stitch designs and beading on to the quilt blocks.
I added a five-petal Lazy Daisy flower on one block, and loved chatting with the ladies at the booth. I love the idea of a collaborative stitching project like this. The chapter will continue to take the blocks to various events throughout the year, and hope to have the completed quilt finished and on display at the 2010 Maker Faire Bay Area. I’m looking forward to seeing it then!

  • Jessie

    This is kind of unrelated, but does anyone know what those little dolls are called? The ones on the little girl’s headband? I used to see them a lot in craft stores with my grandmother when I was little, and even had a few. She used to tell me they were voodoo dolls, but I think she was just teasing. Thanks for any help!

  • dawn

    I’m happy to see crazy quilting on the blog. It can have wonderfully creative results, since it is so improvisational. Thanks for introducing it to young people. And I love the vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine in the photos. Wish I was there to stitch along.

  • fruitypebbles

    Jessie, those are worry dolls! I still have a tiny little wooden box with about ten of them inside- you’re supposed to tell your worries to them before you go to sleep so that they will do the worrying for you, at least that’s what *my* grandmother said! :)