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whimsey box contents Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription

Whimseybox is a new monthly craft supply subscription service, created by Alicia DiRago, a Houston-based DIY blogger and instructor. I connected with Alicia shortly after I moved to Houston last year. I finally met her in person at Quilt Market back in October, and was excited to hear about her new venture with Whimseybox. A cute box of surprise craft supplies delivered to my doorstep? Sign me up!

The mission of Whimseybox is to encourage creativity. We know how easy it is to get stuck in a creative rut or get swept up in the pace of life and let months pass without making anything. We are here to encourage you with a monthly package of new products, a project gallery with step-by-step tutorials, a blog full of inspiration and a community of fellow crafters.
When you register for Whimseybox you’ll receive 4-5 craft product samples in the mail every month for just $15. We’ll select the products based on the things you tell us you like

whimsey box 1 Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
Whimseybox is brand spankin’ new, and still in beta mode (you can request an invite here) but I was lucky enough to get a preview of the December box to share with you. Everything was so beautifully and lovingly packaged that I wanted to document each step of opening it. It was hard not to tear right in! See pictures of everything included in this month’s Whimseybox and learn more about how it works after the jump!

whimsey box 2 Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
The first thing to note about the Whimseybox is the actual box in which everything is packaged. It’s a lovely white, sturdy box with a magnetic flap closure and a bracket on the side in which you can slide a label. The box is made to be reused, and is perfect for craft supply storage. Stacks of these in your craft space would be handy and visually pleasing.
whimsey box 3 art Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
When you open the box, you’ll see a professionally printed 5X7 art card. December’s art was provided by Mae Jane Poulin.

Each month Whimseybox is proud to feature work from a different artist. We hope you’ll enjoy and be inspired by these small collectibles.

whimsey box card contents Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
On the reverse side of the card is a list of the contents in that month’s Whimseybox, along with resources for finding more information on each product. There are also links for sharing your projects and ideas and seeing other people’s projects and ideas on the Whimseybox web site. The Whimseybox blog posts information about the supplies included each month, and other crafty inspiration.
whimsey box unwrapping Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
Alicia has paid great attention to detail in the packaging of the Whimseybox. Opening it is like opening a special gift.
whimsey box yarn Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
Each month, the Whimseybox will contain samples of new or popular craft supplies. I like the idea of getting to try out different kinds of supplies without having to buy a full-size package of them. This glitter eyelash yarn from Lion Brand isn’t something I would have picked up on my own, but I’m excited to have some of it in my stash now so I can play with it.
whimsey box paints Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
I’m really excited to try these glitter fabric paints from DecoArt. Again, Alicia has created beautiful packaging and just the right amount of the supplies that is perfect for play and trying new things.
whimsey box spoonflower fabric Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
I’d been wondering how the printed cotton sateen fabric from Spoonflower looked and felt, and now I know! Included in this month’s box is a 27″X18″ screen pattern on organic cotton sateen, as well as a swatch book to get a feel for all the fabric options from Spoonflower.
whimsey box stencil Whimseybox: Surprise Craft Supply Subscription
Finally, there is a 5″X7″ laser cut reusable stencil from Americana Stencil. The polka dots are fun and playful, and will be great to use with the fabric glitter paints that came in the Whimseybox.
Aside from the new surprise products each month, Whimseybox’s web site will grow resources for projects and community interaction. As I mentioned, Whimseybox is still in beta mode, but you can sign up for an invite over on their web site.

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