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This article appeared in Make: Vol. 40.

This article appeared in Make: Vol. 40.

What makes a makerspace interesting? Itʼs not just the size of the shop or the number of active members. Nor is it the selection of tools or having an advanced RFID inventory system. Sure, those pieces count, but itʼs how a makerspace slots into its community — elevating and inspiring the makers — that makes it stand out.

Weʼve compiled 34 shops across the country that keep our attention, from those that have revived historic industrial sites to libraries that offer access to the latest tool technologies. There are hundreds more around the country; to find one or details on how to start a makerspace near you, please visit and get connected.



Great Lakes





  • Guest

    Did you guys run out of travel budget or something? Noise Bridge, Ace Monsters Toys, Double Union and Auto Desk Pier 9 (which really isn’t open to public) all made your list and are within 2 hours drive from your office, but nothing from Seattle, WA?

    MetrixCreateSpace –
    Protopia –
    Makerhaus –
    Jigsaw Renaissance –
    West Seattle Tool Library –

  • openbeamusa

    Did you guys run out of travel budget or something?

    4 of your “West” makerspaces are within hour or so drive from the MakeHQ (Ace Monsters Toys, Noise Bridge, Double Union, and Autodesk Pier 9 – good luck getting a membership there), but nothing from Seattle, WA?

    Within Seattle city limits:

    Metrix Create Space –
    Jigsaw Renassiance –
    Protopia –
    Makerhaus –

    Not to mention tool libraries such as West Seattle Tool Library, etc.

  • Domesticated Domo

    The blurb for PS:One is weak – we have blacksmithing classes, a working scanning electron microscope, and a ton of seminars and meet-ups (in addition to our awesome Beer Church).

  • Steve McGrath

    I like to think the Hack Factory is actually most famous for our award-winning Hackmobile design, our annual Minne-Faire, our rapidly growing collection of tools and equipment (Hey PS:One, we just got a scanning electron microscope too! Let’s compare notes some day.) or maybe just our all around awesomeness. Clearly we must not be publishing enough of our awesomeness to the world.

    Electronics Dept. Manager,
    Twin Cities Maker

  • Charlie Lindahl

    What about the Houston Hackerspace (TXRX Labs)? 26,000 square feet,
    large partciipation in/by the community at large …

  • Betty

    You left out NextFab in Philadelphia. Great space and wonderful members!

  • verishare

    Yakima Maker Space in Yakima,WA –

  • Matthew Eisner

    Noisebridge is actually running a fundraiser right now on IndieGoGo: