Text Tool: Eight Amazing Engineering Stories

Regular readers will probably recognize Bill Hammack's name, by now, and require no introduction to him or his work. Engineer Guy series #4 is the first to include a companion book. Bill sent me a copy of Eight Amazing Engineering Stories back in May, shortly after the first video in... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Lead-Acid Battery

Here, friends and neighbors, is the eighth and final video of Engineer Guy series #4. The element of the week is called 'plumbum' in Latin, abbreviated to 'Pb' on the periodic table, and generally known as 'lead.' Formed into electrodes with its oxide and submerged in sulfuric acid, lead is... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Microwave Oven

The elements of the week are tungsten and thorium, which are alloyed to make the filament in the special type of vacuum tube—called a magnetron—that produces radiation in your microwave oven. Bill and the Engineer Guy team first explain the anatomy of a basic microwave oven, then... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Atomic Bomb

One of the great treats of my chemistry education at UT-Austin was having the original gaseous diffusion process for enriching uranium explained to me by a man who worked on the Manhattan Project to implement it, the late great Dr. Norman Hackerman. Bill treats it just as well, and goes... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. Frickin’ Lasers

In this, the fourth installment of Engineer Guy Series #4, Bill, Patrick, and Nick show off the engineering that accounts for three key characteristics of laser light: single wavelengths, narrow beams, and high intensities. Highlights include laser retinal surgery, the difference between phosphorescence and fluorescence, and a rather more sophisticated... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing

As much as I love Engineer Guy videos, I am especially partial to Series #4, because it is themed around the chemical elements—each installment features a different element and a remarkable bit of engineering based upon it. And this week my two personal favorite elements are in the spotlight. Though... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Smartphone Accelerometer

Here, with great fanfare, is the second installment of Engineer Guy Series #4: theMEMSaccelerometer. With typical flair, Bill and his production team take us from the basic concept of an accelerometer (using the familiar ball-on-a-spring model), through the analogous silicon device that lets your smartphone tell up from down, all... Read more »